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DAACH Technology, Inc.(DAACH)是一家全球范围内提供污水处理解决方案的公司,专注于从事撬装集成式处理系统.作为废水处理技术创新者, DAACH 的产品以高效率、可持续性、易操作性和灵活性涵盖水和废水处理的整个领域.

DAACH 致力于不断创新废水处理行业的技术水平.在浮选和絮凝领域, DAACH不但拥有超过20项专利,还在全球范围内拥有大量的技术案例, DAACH 技术超越了行业内其他技术.

DAACH创新性地发明了DAT系统,该系统是目前市场上最先进的浮选系统,在去除脂肪、油脂和悬浮固体.  方面处于领先水平. DAA系统不仅拥有更低的运行成本和更小的空间,同时提供更优秀的处理效果,最重要的是这是市场上唯一一种可以扩展流量和负荷的的系统.

在预处理方面, DAACH 的 DAT 系统相较于传 统的DAF技术,运行成本更低,占地空间更省.DAACH 可以利用特有的 DAT 技术轻松地将客户原有的 DAF 进行改造 ,从而提升系统的水压和污染物负荷.

在废水二级处理中DAACH 提供了多级高效的生物处理系统,包括 UASB 和 EGSB 厌氧反应器,好氧反应系统、MBR 和 MBBR 等.

在三级处理中, DAACH 可以提供全套的过滤技术,包括纳滤、超滤、微滤和反渗透.

DAACH 深知每个客户和每个项目都具有独特性,所以我们一直致力于为市场提供最可持续、高效和可扩展的处理技术.在我们与客户通力合作的过程中, DAACH 在从项目概念沟通开始的全周期中,都将保持始终一致的服务性和团队意识.


Clean Water Technology, Inc. (CWT), a global provider of water and wastewater treatment solutions, specializes in skid-mounted and packaged treatment systems. An innovator in  wastewater technology, CWT’s products cover the entire realm of water and wastewater treatment with the highest degree of efficiency and sustainability as well as easy operability and flexibility.

CWT’s innovative technologies focus on improving the water and wastewater industry. With installations worldwide and over 20 patents in the field of flotation and flocculation, CWT technologies surpass all others.

Inventors of the GEM System, the most advanced flotation system in the market, CWT offers through the GEM System the leading technology for removal of Fats, Oil and Grease and Suspended Solids. The GEM System provides better results and is the only system that is expandable in terms of flow and loadings while providing much lower operational costs and occupying a very small footprint.

CWT's GEM System for primary treatment obsoletes any DAF with improved performance at a low cost within a small footprint. Using the unique GEM technology, CWT can easily retrofit existing DAF’s to a much higher capacity of said DAF in both hydraulic and contaminant loading.

In secondary treatment CWT offers a wide range of biological treatment systems including UASB and EGSB Anaerobic Digesters, MBR's, Aerobic Digesters, and MBBR’s.

In tertiary treatment, CWT provides the full scope of filtration technologies including  Nanofiltration, Ultrafiltration, Microfiltration and Reverse Osmosis.

CWT appreciates that each client and project site is unique which is why we strive to provide the most Sustainable, Efficient and Expandable treatment technologies on the market. Through partnering with our clients, CWT demonstrates accessibility and team work with all clients from project inception through the life of the wastewater facility.